Listen to This: Johnny Cash Interview

by Editor on March 3, 2010

Johnny Cash by Joel Baldwin for LOOK Magazine, April 29, 1969

Johnny Cash by Joel Baldwin for LOOK Magazine April 29, 1969

This is a great interview with the legendary Johnny Cash that was recorded in 1997 by Terry Gross for her NPR show Fresh Air.

Terry gets some fascinating insight into Johnny, as he talks about a wide range of topics such as growing up poor, the incredible confidence and assertiveness with which he got his first recording gig, and how he came to make the American Recordings series of albums with Def Jam Records founder Rick Rubin. He also talks about his series of prison concerts — including recording the song Folsom Prison Blues for the live album At Folsom Prison — which he said “…was far and above anything I had ever had in my life, the complete explosion of noise and reaction that they gave me with every song.

As always, Terry does a fantastic interview and Johnny Cash is fantastic guest. This well worth a listen (or read).

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